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Northwest Art Casting is at home in Bear Canyon just outside of Bozeman, MT, nestled between mountains of the Bridger Range of the Northern Rocky Mountains. Surrounded by a natural landscape of ponderosa pine and crystal clear Bozeman Creek, a humble 3200 sq. ft. building houses the bronze foundry and is a pleasing work place for 18 talented employees, most of whom are artists themselves. For 15 years, Northwest Art Casting has been providing it's services to artists from all over the country. Many nationally recognized artists provide inspiration, and dedicated employees with well over 100 years combined experience guarantee exceptional quality. Northwest Art Casting is recognized as being one of the top foundries in the country.

The technology of bronze casting hasn't changed much over the years, but the market surely has. Most of our clients are producing many times the volume that they were years ago. The value of art continues to increase steadily, and the future for Northwest Art Casting is promising. The foundry is experiencing steady growth, and increased worldwide interest. Our goal at Northwest Art Casting is to slowly increase our client base, and continue to provide the best quality castings available. Life at the foundry is good for employees as well, constant cost of living increases, the opportunity to cast their own sculptures, health insurance, and a 401K plan keeps the foundry supplied with satisfied quality employees.

The outcome of Northwest Art Casting's process, management, craftsmanship, and employee dedication results in unparalleled bronze creations. A table, cast by Northwest Art Casting for artist Bradford Williams, is under consideration for placement in the Bush White House. The Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody Wyoming houses an 18-foot high buffalo jump with 3 larger than life buffalo sculpted by world- recognized artist T.D. Kelsey. If you are flying into Bozeman, you will see the life-size fisherman and dog Streamside Companion completed for artist Ott Jones at Gallatin Field Airport.


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